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Feeling a lack of energy because you are experiencing ongoing negative emotions? Are you depressed, frustrated, even angry? Things are not going the way it should don't understand the behaviour of yourself and of people around you? You start to think about things over and over again and also during the night? Often you feel exhausted and you would like to walk away from all the problems and issues.

Don't postpone solving your problems! Look forward to the time that you will be full of energy and the master of your actions. You'll have much more insight in the behaviour of others and you'll enjoy your daily life again.

This life -coaching is a strong and clear way to uplift your daily life.
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have plenty of energy to enjoy


The wisdom of the Enneagram ( Ennea means nine ) gives insight in your behaviour by its understanding of nine different basic personality types. It can help you to understand yourself and others and it can show you at which stage of the solution you are at any moment of your progress (process-model).

By muscle-testing ( or dowsing - divining ) we can find the blockages in your subconsciousness. We can go back to the experiences which have become the cause of these blockages. Together with the insight in your Enneagram personality–type you’ll be liberated from your defence-mechanism which has been holding you down. We will follow your progress by the Enneagram process-model. Together with the Enneagram, also the Chakra-healing and the emotion-tapping are the effective tools which you'll also learn to use during the time between the sessions (generally at least 3). You'll experience the improvements automatically because the changes come from your subconsciousness.

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I received my "Enneagram Coach" certificate in the Netherlands in 2008. Since 2011 my husband and I have been running a family restaurant with veggie gardens here in New Zealand. As well as coaching here in Taranaki I also coach people in Europe, for which I use Skype. Yearly I meet with my Enneagram-colleagues in Holland when I go there to be with our children. Coaching gives me the utmost satisfaction, because it is so wonderful to see people become balanced and strong again. I have been depressed myself when I was young and 10 years ago I had a severe thyroid-illness. Through Enneagram healing I became healthy again without medication. Since that time, the Enneagram is my inspiration and I enjoy giving workshops and organizing retreats.

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Generally for the coaching at least 3 sessions of one hour are needed. Depending on your requirements further sessions can be scheduled. $80 per session.  3 sessions for $180. Appointment-hours: Mo-Su: 9 am – 11 am, 3 pm – 5 pm, 7 pm – 9 pm.

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The Enneagram coaching-sessions, workshops and retreats are given at the peaceful location at 1917 Egmont Road, very close to Mount Taranaki , from Egmont Village 6 km up , on the left next to restaurant Volcanoview. For more information see CONTACT.


+64 220 13 73 22
Kaimiro (Taranaki) close to Inglewood