“I am very thankful to Anemoon for introducing me to the wisdom of the Enneagram. After the first session I already felt the benefits, especially combined with the EFT tapping. I have found it a very effective and practical tool to access my emotions directly and better understand my personal traits. Anemoon is naturally caring and sincere- I highly recommend her as an Enneagram coach. With gratitude “  ,     B.W. (New Plymouth) 

” The sessions with Anemoon always provide me insight in the reasons why I feel or act in a certain way. They help me to become the best version of myself. Happy, relaxed and good to the people around me.”   J.V. (Germany)


Thank you Anemoon, for such an enlightening experience with you. I thoroughly enjoyed learning your way of opening more doors for me and teaching me another way to break through my blockages. I look forward to the next time,and learning more. I am very grateful,for your input,and having an instant trust with you. So many things made sense to me,and trust the process to help me,so much more on my journey! Until next time” D.F (Taranaki)

“Yes I am happy with the coaching session. It has been a nice comfortable space to be in and the testing has been accurate and opened up insight. Anemoon has done the sessions in a professional empathetic way” M.B (New PLymouth)

“The result was amazing! Every time I get more surprised by the fact that this testing is so spot on. Great. ” J.V. (Inglewood)

“Each time I have a session with Anemoon I get a little bit more into the right direction. She is patient, thorough and systematically gets to the core of my true obstacles. This allows me to efficiently get back into the strength that I need to live the life I want to pursuit. Thanks so much for your great work and I will keep on spreading the word!” L.V. (Taranaki)

“Such a great appointment!” L.N. (New Plymouth)