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The coaching needs at least 3 but mostly about 5/6 sessions**. During the first session we do the intake. After we have clarified the ongoing difficulties we will define the positive goal and test how far away you are from that goal. ( from 0 – 100% ). We (muscle) test on which point you are on the Enneagram and which destructive defence – mechanismyou are using. Which blockages ( in your subconsciousness ) are holding  you back from a positive way of acting? By tapping on your meridian-points , by Chakra-healing and by getting insight into your type we achieve , step by step , that you get more and more connected with your essence, your inner source. In between the sessions you will experience the improvement automatically which gives you more balance and strength straight away. You’ll notice to become the ruler of your own life again. You never need to change the outside world, it is all about re-finding your own true self. And you will be surprised how many positive changes you’ll experience through this power of your inner source!


Here you see the nine different Enneagram- types.

In essence you are one of the nine types. But we don’t want to use this model to put you in petty -mindedness, but on the contrary; to give you insight how unique you are and which Enneagram-types you are using the most. Are you in the strength of your type or are you acting like its stress-pattern? Are you also using your wings: the types next to an Enneagram type? (e.g. for the winner it is the helper and the individualist).

Each Enneagram type has its own specific defence – mechanism. When somebody experiences a trauma, a bad experience which is too hard to deal with, one subconsciously uses a defence – mechanism which helps us to survive. That mechanism becomes stronger in a cause of time and keeps us away from a   free and   healthy behaviour. See here the  Enneagram-types+*defence – mechanisms:

1. perfectionist:         reaction – formation

2. helper:                     repression

3. winner:                    identification

4. individualist:          introjection

5. observer:                 isolation

6. loyalist:                    projection

7. adventurer:             rationalization  

8. boss:                         denial

9. peacemaker:           narcotization

         (numbing yourself)

When you stop using your defense – mechanism you become your Type in balance, getting a lot of strength by automatically using your virtuous qualities like serenity, humility, honesty, equilibrium, non-attachment, courage, sobriety, innocence and decisiveness (all specifically belonging to one of the 9 types).

This is a brief explanation of the Enneagram-coaching. If you’d like to know more  you can ask for a free explanation ( see contact ) or you can come and join one of the monthly 2-evening workshops ( see more or see workshops and retreats)

**costs for a coaching session is $80,-each. when you pay 3 sessions at once in advance you can get discount, ask me for info.